The Felines

Jedi Knight

Jedi is my vocal ginger baby who is almost always within reach of myself. He came into our lives summer of 2006 when we found him (who was a teeny tiny kitten at the time) and his pregnant mother wondering around our backyard.

Jedi is your typical fat and cranky ginger house cat who loves to eat, cuss at the birds, sleep, eat, bathe himself, attack his human sister (Raven) and did I mention he loves to eat? He also has a shoe fetish and will lick the bottoms of any and all shoes, and rub his face all over them. Jedi was diagnosed with a wheat gluten intolerance in late 2011, and he also has feline acne flareups every once in awhile. Jedi rules his kingdom with a velvet paw and sharp claws.


Nefarian Sheogorath

Nefarian is my little troublemaker who looks and acts more like a wild feline then a house cat. We found him in the spring of 2011 just a few months before we moved into our new home.

Nefarian spends his day looking for things to get into. He loves eating treats, watching birds out the windows, attacking Jedi and playing “hand under the cover”. Nefarian has chronic UTIs but that doesn’t stop him or his orneriness. He is a smart cat who observes everything and everyone. Nefarian loves giving head boops but can be a bit mean at times. But, deep down, he really is a sweetheart.

Widget Mulder

121917Widget came into our lives in the summer of 2015 when his pregnant feral mom and his two brothers decided to make the area underneath our back porch their home. We found homes for his two brothers but decided that Widget needed to live with us. So far, his personality is that of an extremely loving and playful, derpy kitten that doesn’t like to be alone. He loves to lick and bite, and be right up against ya. He purrs like crazy, is constantly doing toe flexes and loves to eat! He protests with cute meows whenever he’s not allowed to do something that he has his heart/brain set on. He loves feathered toy mice, trying to play with Jedi and running through the house with Nefarian. He will also steal any and all straws that he finds, even if it’s in your cup.